Monday, May 19, 2014

We Won An Award!!


The Alameda Architectural Preservation Society gave us an 'award' last night.
Well....not really an award as much as an honorable mention.....guess they couldn't spare the $3 for
the laser printed award certificate......

One of the other honorees spent several hundred thousand dollars on redoing their glorious
Queen Anne...and they got the certificate....guess I didn't want it that bad.

Here's the cover of the award ceremony program.

The inside of the program.

Here is a short video of the presentation of our honorable mention.

Overall it was a fun 'only in Alameda' experience with the MC singing songs
in-between each award.
Unfortunately we couldn't stay for the entire program as baby madscientist was
falling asleep in her chair.

We don't do anything just to get an award but its nice for our hard work to be noticed
every once in a while.



J Ross said...

Congratulations !

Auntie Sue said...

Congratulations! Too bad it didn't come with a hundred thousand dollars prize! But, I agree, it is nice to have your hard work recognized and it all came out so BEAUTIFUL!

Paradox said...

Congrats on the (almost) award! [Joking about the almost ;) ]

While I know you don't try for them, still awesome that the love you put into your home get recognized by the city too!

Mom said...

Mazel Tov! You both put much effort and love into your projects and it is nice when you get some recognition.