Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Death In The Family....

We here at Chez 3.0 are saddened to announce a death in the family....
Tiny The Wonder-Fish has passed away.

Tiny and Baby Madscientist in happier times.
The famously humongous fish in the humongous fish tank.

I inherited Tiny from a room mate over 20 years ago...yep that's right Tiny was
20yrs old when she died. She was a Pacu from the Amazon river. Pacus are
the closest relative to a piranha you're allowed to have in CA. The males with their red
bellies look a lot like piranhas when they are young and little. Unfortunately Pacus
don't stay little for long. Tiny was 18" long and 12 pounds when she died.

The Steinhart Aquarium in GGP used to have a couple HUGE Pacus in one of their
giant freshwater tanks. On this tank there was a little brass plaque that said something like,
'These two Pacus where left here in a bucket in 1940 when they were just a couple inches
long. We are not taking anymore Pacu's'. The dang fish in the tank was 65 years old and
looked like it could eat a golden retriever.

We all thought Tiny was going to outlast us and I'd end up willing her to baby madscientist.....

Tiny was a funny fish. There were people that she liked and people that she definitely didn't like.
She liked watching TV with us. She's watched every single episode of every single Sci-Fi series
we've ever watched. People will think I'm crazy for saying this but she definitely had a personality.

I wasn't expecting her death to hit the family so hard but it has.
RIP Tiny

Guess its time to make another custom tombstone for our cemetery.......damn-it.....

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Mom said...

I'm so sorry about Tiny's death. I enjoyed watching her during our visits there. I, too, will miss her.1031