Monday, July 21, 2014

Drywall Almost Done!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, at least the hanging part.
Yay for moonlighting union drywallers!!!
Dang can those guys work,... ah, to be 25 again...
In two loooong days two young men got almost
the entire apartment hung!

The funky angles and things is what slowed them
down, or so they say...

Some Exciting Pics Of Drywall!!!!

Here's the hallway with the soffit.

The Family Room

The Two Bedrooms

The Kitchen
The drywallers loved all the outlets in this room....ahem...

Dining Room
And the bath off the kitchen...

Master Bath

Hallway to Master Bath
You can even see the ceiling is done in the Master Bath.

What Didn't Get Done

The master closet

My F up
I forgot about a conduit I needed to add to this area...

Well, it was a weekend of hell with them starting work each day at 7am and
going 10hrs....
The kids thought that the sound the drywall screws make when they are run in
was hilarious. 'Who Tooted!!!', 'Daddy, did you toot???'

Here's the reason why I hired two moonlighting union guys...FAST!!! and cheap.
The two legit bids we got for the job were basically the same, $7500. Yikes! I had
no idea it would cost that
Went and bought the drywall and screws myself ~$1300.
Hired the two guys to install it...                             $1600.
So far its cost me $2900 and I think its money well spent.
I wish they would of finished, but dang they were beat come Sunday night.

Now I gotta find some union tapers!



Mary said...

That's a huge saving!!!

Mom said...

Fantastic!!! Good going. Can't wait to see it finished.