Monday, July 14, 2014

Good News on Building Permit Front.

I love, love, love The Alameda Building Dept.

Well, Y'all you're not going to believe this.
Over the weekend I found my old BI on facebook
and sent him a note. He actually called me right
away and we had a nice long talk about my situation.

He totally agreed with me!!!!!!!!!! That the city was
being totally wrong headed about the whole thing and
that he would call the head honcho first thing Monday
morning and help straighten this mess out.

Ya, I can't believe it either, I'm totally shocked. I did always
say he was a good guy.

Just a minute ago I get a call from the building dept. Magically,
EVERYTHING is okay now.
I've got an inspection apt for Tues afternoon for the okay to cover!!!
Now I know I won't get the okay to cover but I'm hoping to get the
majority of the rough inspections signed off.
Then it will be a race to beat the permit deadline.

I'm freaking shocked, but I'm still going to celebrate tonight with some
yummy tequila.....'Hey honey, did you know its 'date night?''

I love, love, love The Alameda Building Dept.

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