Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our 1st Real Inspection

We just got done with our first real inspection!
It went well I think.
The inspector made his rounds and WOW! this guy
looked at EVERYTHING!!!!
He found a bunch of minor stuff and one admittedly
big thing.

The big thing
I had completely forgotten to install fire blocking
between the basement furring walls. This is bad
as smoke/fire in the wall will have access to the
horizontal floor joist bay. This is the kind of
health and safety thing where inspectors can
be so useful.
The house didn't have any before? Why?, done
without permits, that's why.

Little Things
Wanted some e boxes switched out.
Wanted me to add more supports to horizontal
runs of piping.
We used the wrong duct tape...he have to cover
it with the correct kind.
I had my 12-2 romex bundled in the chase in too
big a bundle, so he wanted me to split it up.
Cap the old sink stub out in the master bath.

That's it!
Not too bad right?
Well we're going to get it all done as he's inspecting
tomorrow at 2pm....then we could actually, really,
get our okay to cover....

Permit expires Aug 20th.....the race is on!

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