Monday, August 18, 2014

Elec and Plumbing Inspection Today.......yay...

With seven days left on our permit we had our inspector out again today to
look at the electrical and the plumbing.

Neither of which got fricken finaled.....

The plumbing was all good except for the lack of TPR line ran to the outside
of the house....the inspector was not buying my argument even though I followed the manf
instructions to a T...still wants it outside...arrrrrrrrrgh. I've got a call into his
boss so we'll see.

Hmmmmmm, this was a mixed bag for sure.
All the outlets worked correctly except for one room where we had a floating ground...
All the overhead lights and switches worked.
The kitchen was wired correctly.
I screwed up on the AFCI breakers.....
In the code books it says something like, 'all outlets not GFCI have to be on an AFCI breaker.'
Okay I think, no problem, each room is on its own 20A AFCI breaker for the outlets.
I ran two 15A circuits for the overhead lights splitting the apartment down the middle longwise.
That was my BIG mistake....apparently, in code speak only, an 'outlet' is also the overhead lights!!!

Yay, so now I have to fit at least one more AFCI breaker in the sub-panel for this unit.

Unit Subpanel
All full! No room at the inn....not sure what the heck I can do about this...don't want to change
out the panel for a bigger one. To make this work I will have to combine circuits but since you
can't double tap an AFCI breaker (right?) I will have to put in a junction box below the panel
to tie some of the separate circuits together.....
Anybody else have a better idea?

Now Pics Of Paint And Lights!

 Hallway leads to this little family room.

Off of which is two bedrooms.
The small one.

The medium one.

Turn right from the family room and into the kitchen.

The master area isn't painted yet but here's some fuzzy shots of the master closet.
 Pretty light.

So that's it for now.
Next inspection and probably our last one is this Thursday......wish us luck.
Did I mention how tired I am? Or how bad my back hurts? Yay.

Seven Days Left On Permit!!!

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Joel said...

When they started running out of room in our panel, the previous owner installed some 1/2 height circuit breakers. Now the entire panel is populated with them. Does anything like that exist for your panel?