Saturday, August 23, 2014


Well, we've made a decision about the flooring.
After much, much discussion and research we've decided to go
with a strand-woven bamboo product.

The research I've done was really depressing...lots of people very, very
unhappy with their strand-woven bamboo floors. Lots of problems after
the professional install like gaps and buckling and companies telling
customers to take a flyer with no after sale service.

What I've realized is, the difference between the $7/sq ft stuff and the $3.50/sq ft
stuff is probably the after sale service.
Knowing this I went in with my eyes wide open and will hopefully not get screwed.

Dang, even 'cheap' flooring still adds up...we only have ~900 sq ft of flooring but wow
I just spent nearly $4k just in flooring supplies.

Enough Gabbing Pictures of Flooring
Here's some shots of the different floors we were considering.
 I like this tiger strand stuff.

 This is actually strand-woven eucalyptus.

Natural Strand Woven Bamboo.
And the winner is, The Natural Strand Woven Bamboo.

Here's a shot after we unloaded and stacked the flooring in the front bedroom.
That's 41 boxes of flooring. Each box weighs 50 poor truck...

Here's a shot of the front side of the flooring.

Backside of flooring

With the side view you can see the strands.
The plan now is to let it set for two weeks while we do everything else. By that
time the moisture content of the flooring should be normalized to the environment.

We are going to use an underlayment called Delta-FL and we plan to float the floor
with the tongue and grooves glued together.
There was something weird on the official instructions.
They say that the wood has to acclimate for at least 24hrs. But they tell you to leave
the wood in the boxes!?!?!?!? The wood is shrink wrapped-sealed tight???
How in the world can the moisture content equilibrate? It makes no sense. If those
are the instructions people are following then maybe that's why they are getting the
buckling and the gaps??
I plan to leave a healthy gap between the flooring and the walls...

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