Monday, August 25, 2014

Help With Our Windows

The downstairs apartment has its original windows still.
That's good and bad. Good, because they allowed me to
actually get the permit finaled. Bad, because they don't
work so super great.

The Windows
See that classy piece of wood.....
They were all built originally as single hung windows
with no weights or counter balancers of any kind.
Because of this they take the strength of Hercules to
open and they won't stay open. They also get cock
eyed in the openings and jam up, ALL THE TIME!

Went to Pagano's and told the folks there my tale of woe
and they had two products there designed for just such a use!
Yay!! Pagano's!

Spring Steel Solutions?
 This unit screws into the window track.

This unit screws into the top of the window sash. To use this product
I'd have to remove the sash from the window opening....something I really don't
want to do if I can avoid it....with the fresh paint and all.

Those are my two options right now.
Does anyone have any other/better ideas.
I want the windows to be easier to open and stay open.


Jim said...

My large windows in SF were retrofitted with the springy things and they worked fine for several years.

The MadScientist said...

But which ones?
The easy to install or the take the window off to install ones?

Jim said...

Sorry, the easy to install ones. I didn't really look at your second picture. :-/

drsolo said...

I have also used the easy to install ones when I was renting. Worked fine.

Jason Morneau said...

I was thinking of using what looks like you installed, the tension springs, in my old colonial with original 12/12 windows that have no hardware at all. I just recently worked on an old colonial that used pegs which look like skeleton keys with the key tooth cut off, this peg hangs on the window stop with a strip of leather as a "chain" and the peg plug into a hole in the jamb at the top of the lower sash as a lock, then if you lift the window half way theres another hole in the jamb that you use the "plug" in to hold the window up. Hope this makes sense the way I explained it! Very simple primitive method that never came to my mind when thinking of what to use on my windows, just thought i'd share. Been browsing your blog, still have alot to look through but it seems like you did a great job saving your house and had alot of fun dealing with permits! My project if you care to take a quick peek...
a total tare down for anyone other than my crazy old house lovin self!!