Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Passed Another Inspection!!

Whoop, Whoop, I say, Whoop!

My intrepid inspector was out today and signed off on the HVAC portion of my permit!!

Now, 'all' we have left is the plumbing and electrical....ya that's all....

Electrical Final
To final the electrical I think all I have to do is well, install all the fixtures! All the lights,
the switches, the outlets and they all gotta work....
I'm about halfway done. Lots of box extenders unfortunately...

Plumbing Final
Just a couple of small things to clear up here and...

What to do with the TPS lines for the tankless water heaters?
Guess I messed this up pretty bad... It was my understanding that you did not have
to run the TPS line outside if they are venting into an unfinished basement space.
My BI has a different opinion....he wants me to remove the valve at the unit, run
copper pipe up to inside the joist bays (which are already covered) put the TPS
valve waaaaaaay up there and have it gravity drain to the outside.
I think further research is needed....these heaters have 3 gal buffer tanks and only
heat when they are on...doesn't that mean that at max I would get 6 gal on the floor?
Couldn't I just put two separate six gal tubs under each line?

Of course this is the ceiling where the lines would have to run.
Level four and primed, ready for paint....yay...
This one single issue could blow the entire timeline....

Our next inspection appt. is Monday the 18th with another scheduled for Thursday
the 21st which looks like its our last chance for a final as the permit expires on
Monday the 25th....

But hey look, there's a kitchen sorta.
 Yep, yellow walls and a sky blue ceiling and I think neat looking CFL lights.

Crazy corner sink? check.
Brand new stove and microwave from the Sears outlet, check.
BTW the Sears outlet in San Leandro is amazing...I've always heard about the
place but never made it out there....well, I tell you what, I'm not buying an
appliance from anywhere else if I can help it. Soooooooo cheap like half off
and there is like soooooo much there....overwhelming.

Anywho, 12 days till the permit expires...

Potential Renters
The unit will not be ready till mid Sept!
Stop friggen pestering me unless you're ready to put some cash down.

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