Sunday, August 24, 2014

Stain Grade(?) Trim Anyone?

Well, along with overloading my truck with the flooring I also stopped at
White Brothers Mill in Oakland to pick up the trim order.

This trim isn't officially 'stain grade' its poplar but we've used it before and
with a light stain it looks pretty nice. We did this at our first house and it
turned out great. I told people that it was 'rustic grade' maple and they totally
believed it...The other options from the mill in official stain grade are maple and
cherry....which were waaaaaay outta our budget...

Okay enough blabbing, pictures of trim.

This is a picture of the window stool material and the moulding that
we are putting under the stool...have no idea what that's called...

These little guys here are the fancy shoe mouldings for the baseboards.

Here is a piece of window stool. Right next to it is what we are going to use as
casing around the windows.

This, is a horrible picture of the baseboards.

Here is a better picture of the casing moulding. This is going to go
around all the doors and windows. Mitered corners, no plinths or

Here is a shot of the picture rail.

So that's baseboard, shoe, window/door casing, and picture moulding.
No crown, decided it wasn't needed. I believe that the picture rail is needed.
Its a rental and with the picture rail tenants can hang pictures on the walls
without making any holes in them. Handy for the tenants, handy for me.

Now all I have to do is sand-stain-finish all this trim...yay!!!! Should take at
least an hour or so....actually, I haven't figured out how-where I am going to
do this...anyone wanna help?

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Dave S said...

The piece under the stool is called the apron.