Friday, August 22, 2014

The Permit Is Finaled,....Now What?

Now what indeed.
Now, we just simply have to actually finish the apartment.
Permit finaled and rent-outable are two different things.

Let me take you on a visual tour of the apartment as it is now.

Here is the view at the front door down the entrance hallway.

The hallway ends in the family room.
 That is not me in the picture.

Off the family room are two bedrooms.
The small bedroom.

The medium bedroom

The kitchen is also entered off the family room.

Check out those sweet counter tops. Ya some work to do here.
 The plywood is the base for the 'real' counter tops which HAVE to be granite....

Different angle of the kitchen showing the family room on the left.

Guest Bath
Yes, this one will look a lot better when its done also...

The dining room.

Off this doorway in the dining room is the master bedroom.

The master bedroom looking from the doorway into the dining room.

Different view of the master bedroom looking back at the door into the dinning

The entrance to the master closet.

Right inside the entrance looking right.

Little hallway in master closet to master bath.

Master Bath
 Don't worry its going to look a lot nicer when done.

Master bath from another view.
 I really like the lights over the sink.

This shot shows the back door out of the master bedroom.
The door on the right is.

The utility room.
 Love those copper pipes.

Walking past the utility room on the left is the laundry room for the entire building.
 Our tenants have free use of the laundry.

Here's something that's hard to see. The painters are smoothing out the
horrible, horrible texture on the walls. You can see on the left its smooth
and on the right its still the original texture.

Freaking Union Drywallers!!!
 The union drywallers screwed up on a lot of the boxes.
Just look at these...

This one bugs me the most. Really? were they even trying?
I totally screwed up and didn't look hard at all the box cut outs before I
paid now I'm paying the painters to fix the drywallers mistakes....

Does the apartment look like its ready to move in?
Heck No!

Still To Do
Oh, how I wish this list was shorter.
Install new counter top in kitchen.
Install the trim (its gotta be stained and finished first).
Install the flooring.
Install window coverings.
Figure out what the heck we're going to do in the master closet and do it.
Install new vanities/mirrors in bathrooms.
and probably a bunch of other stuff...

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