Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tis The Season

Hello Everyone,
Its October and you know what that means at Chez Neumansky....That's right Halloween!!!!!

We got our candy order from Amazon.

Lets zoom in on that yellow label.
That box is just full of, HEAVY, lift with care.
If I counted right I ordered 2000 pieces and we will probably run out.

Saw this wheelchair at a second hand store....they want $150 for it...sigh...
I could make such an awesome prop with that....ghost wheelchair that moves by itself
while emitting a spine tingling cackle?

Here's how the front yard looks so far.
We decided to switch things up a bit this year. The old exit is now the entrance.
Bob's spider web will be across the driveway where there is a larger space for
people to gather.
The overlay theme this year is g-g-g-g-g-ghosts!!!!! As Shaggy would say.
For the first time ever we've had to buy white sheets, and material to make ghosts.

Here's my favorite.
This picture was taken Sept. 24th...
GAG!!!!!!!!! Just in case you can't tell that case is full of egg nog! I literally
gagged thinking about drinking egg nog on a hot Sept day.

Happy Haunting Everyone!