Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Apartment,.......Is it done yet???

That's the question I get asked ALL THE TIME.
Unfortunately the answer is,....almost.....

Here's a visual tour of the apartment as it stands now.

The front door and entry hallway.

The family room off the hallway.

Medium bedroom off the family room.

Smallest bedroom off the family room.

The kitchen, also off the family room.

The dinning room, off the kitchen.

The guest bath, also off the kitchen.

The master bedroom.

The master closet.

The master bath.

What's Left
Putty a million holes in the trim.
Somehow clean the tile and grout.
Hang curtains.
Paint touch ups.
Finish installing the wall plates.

We thought we had it rented but it fell through...such a bummer.
So, now we're looking at a Dec 1st move in date.
If anyone knows anybody looking for a nice 3-2 in Alameda's Gold Coast
please let me know.