Monday, February 16, 2015

A Tale Of Two Foundations

Here is a tale of two foundation jobs I saw on a recent walk.

First we have this foundation.
See the not so big temp beam holding this part of the house up. See the tarps up to protect newly
dug foundation trenches.

See the pile of 'vintage brick 50 cents each' in the yard.

A different job site.
Hmmm, why'd they backfill the foundation without removing the form boards?
and ya know, that OSB isn't even water proof? There's no way that's enough
support for the form boards.

Lets look around the corner a bit....
Hey, the new foundation only goes down 6" and wait, what's that under it?

Lets take another look.
Hmmmm, this appears to be some sort of cementatious coating on top of the
original brick foundation!?!?!?!
Sure looks like a new cement foundation up front......Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Have I caught these people in the act of faking a new foundation? Lots of
other cosmetic work happening on this house.
Wonder if its going up for sale soon?

 We've had reptile Realtors do we have reptile home owners also?


Anonymous said...

Given the availability of these bricks (which are great bricks, mind you) and the desire to get them "gone," wouldn't you just give them away for free? Granted, I kept all of ours knowing they are great for landscaping and other projects. Most people want them to leave, though. So, uh, the best way to do that is to charge some petty amount? Hmm.

Paradox said...

There is this weird thing where people don't trust a deal if it is "too good to be true".

Try placing something you don't want out on the curb with a sign saying "Free", see how long it takes for it go.

Same item with a sign having a price, gone overnight!

Anonymous said...

You're right, Paradox. It just seems so counterintuitive. "I want this gone! Pay me." But great looking bricks, at any rate.