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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Siding and Stairs- DONE!!!

OK so it's been a while since I posted anything and I'm going to have to apologize for this post as I sorta forgot to take enough pictures as we were doing the work.....

Here's a shot of all the siding that I bought to finish the back of the house.....holy-freaking-mackerel is this stuff expensive! These 16' pieces of siding were almost $25 a pop!

A very, very nice professional carpenter who is a friend from the online world offered to come over and help me install the siding!!!! Hurray!!!!! Actually 'help' is kinda a misnomer....he did the bulk of the work and I tried to help and not slow him down too much....I also mopped his brow and fetched him cold Mexican cokes.
We decided that the old tar paper was too trashed-weathered so we pulled most of it down. It did go around the door framing and into the opening so we left that stuff there of course.

We had a HUGE amount of material left over from the previous siding job.... Side note...don't let some one work time and material +20%...if they are dishonest they will go and buy a BUNCH of stuff and not use it and tack on their 20% to pump up their bill..... Here we are using the DuPont Flex wrap to flash the sides of the door.
We decided that it should be attached to the door frame, bridge the gap between the door frame and the wall framing and then cover the king studs and come up on the concrete foundation to separate it from the trim.

We wanted to put metal flashing on the wall to separate the bottom course of siding and the foundation. I bought a 6" wide roll of galv metal flashing and we nailed it up and tried to hammer form it to take the 45 deg angle of the foundation.

After installing the metal flashing we applied the top lengths of flashing to the sides of the door frame and the sheathing overlapping the flashing.

Now, wow, I have to say a few words about modern weather proofing practices....its really, really fricken confusing!!! I'm not 100% sure we even got it 100% right....

Here we've installed the head flashing on top and installed the door trim and a spacer. The plan is to have the siding (which is the same thickness as the spacers) tuck under the door casing.
Problem is, the door is plumb but the wall is not!!!

Using the same 6" flashing we are creating a head flashing for the casing. We had to do this because no lumber yard stocks a 3" deep 'Z bar' flashing (I think that's what its called) which is what we needed to go over the spacer, the door casing, and the applied molding which is yet to be applied in this picture. I'm not sure if you can tell but I actually had to hand crimp the drip edge of the flashing with a pair of sheet metal flanging pliers.

Here's the first new layer of tar paper overlapping the metal flashing....super exciting.
Here's one thing that I don't get...if you staple up the tar paper, its not self sealing, don't you get little leaks at all those places?
We overlapped the tar papers uh, 6" I think so the staples are well covered but still.... Is fancy-pants house wrap self sealing? Don't you have to staple in the field with house-wrap???

Ta-Daa its all done!!!! See, I told you I skipped some steps.....
Look at all those white spots!
To maintain the warranty on the siding I had to drive 2 8D nails at 16" OC into the wall framing.....then I had to set the nails just below the surface,....then I had to prime the nails with this special primer, then I had to spackle all the nails,...then I had to sand all the spackle, then I had to prime the, that was a lot of holes....I feel like I know each one personally..... Look, theres timmy, and johnny, and nathanial....

Here's the door in its semi-finished state. Those thin strips on either side of the door are spacers not the door trim. I've still got to cut it and figure out how I'm going to fit it around the foundation. Then I have to apply the molding around the outside of the casing.
Though, I still haven't worked out how I'm going to do the casing sides the door is plumb and the wall is not and the casing needs to come up on the door frame with a small reveal....
Look, theres jimmy, and susan and ivanka, and mark.....

The Stairs Are Done!! Here's a shot looking down the stairs.

Here's a shot looking up the stairs!! Super exiciting I know...

Some of you are noticing the open risers.....I'm going to argue that the stairs don't need to conform to the modern codes and that the codes enforced back when this deck was built didn't require closed risers.....we'll see how that goes....

I decided to build a bottom landing because that first step without it was kinda a doozy. That, and I'll need it to pass the inspection.
See how the first step lands on the concrete wall? Eventually the ground in that area will be raised up to be even with it then I won't need the landing.
I went round and round with the friggen Winnans designer about this stair. She SWORE that there was no way in the world that you could build a staircase and have it end on the wall...her stair was built with like 3 additional steps into the side yard! Arrrrrrrgh, professional designers...bahhhh...
Actually, it turns out that the stair is super walkable. Tons of 'experts' told me that it wouldn't be comfortable at all but its really nice to walk up. We've already had a party and only one person who was wearing high heals caught her heel on the first step but she was okay after that.

Of course no building post would be complete without my list of f-ups.....
At the top of the stairs I thought it would be simple to cut the rails even with the wasn't so simple and I marked up the post a lot and the cuts ended up looking pretty ugly...

Also, all the dang PT wood around here is now brown yet all the preservative stuff is still green! Why in the heck don't they make brown PT brush on preservative to match the wood? I'd look a lot nicer.
I actually did 3 heavy coats of the preservative on all cut surfaces on the stairs...hopefully they'll last.

This top post I ran long and then cut it on the angle of the railings. I should of done this with all the posts, as if I did I coulda fit 2 lag screws into each one... Don't know what the inspector is going to say about that but the hand rail does feel very firmly attached.

I have to say that the stairs seem to of turned out pretty good. Of course the inspector will have the final say.... But, they feel very solid, the handrail and railings feel very solid, they are wider than the stairs they replaced and they are very walkable. Hurray!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Next Task, Flash Rear Door and Install Siding

Ya I know, no super controversial posts about houses for sale....there just hasn't been anything worth reviewing in my book....well, I am thinking about reviewing the several houses on the market that have been on the market for like ages, and they haven't dropped their price....

Next Task- Siding.
Before we can finish the stairs of doom in the back of the house we have to side it. I love old houses where redo'ing the stairs necessitates 27 other barely related tasks...

This is a picture of the new siding on the east side of the house.
The plan is to buy more of this type of siding and install it on the bottom south elevation and use our stock of saved siding to reside the lower west side of the house which we never see. So, make the 2 elevations we look at the most the purty ones....
Problem is, we didn't install this siding and I have no idea how to install siding....

Here's a pic of what the siding looks like. Is this called ship-lap siding? I don't know the manf. but I do know that the local real lumber yard carries it. Its this crazy pre-primed pre-treated for rot and bug infestation stuff that is warrantied for like 20yrs. Its real wood not vinyl or the fiber cement stuff.

I believe its advantage wood by Kelleher.

Here's how the new stuff compares to the original (new stuff on top). Dang I didn't realize that its not exactly the same size...I'll have to check that in the morning maybe this is an optical illusion. The new stuff is also slightly less thick than the original which changes the shadow lines I think....Well I can't tell if its me being overly anal but I swear I can notice the difference in shadow lines.

Here's our supply of old siding...a lot of it gets damaged beyond usability when you remove it....I hope that we have enough to reside the west elevation of the house when we get around to it. This is the best of what we had and if you look close its not all that great...

So, here's the back of the house that I need to reside. You can see the old tar paper that's seen better days.
One question is, I have enough tar paper to go over this section again or I have enough house wrap left over from when the east side was done.

Here's a close up of the Simpson door that I paid a pro to install.
How do I flash this? Without taking the door out. The tar paper wraps around the rough opening. on both long sides.
For some reason I'm having a mental block on the best way to flash this? Any suggestions? I'll be adding exterior trim to this similar to what was done around the windows. I do have enough Dupont flexwrap left over to be useful here I think.
Since the door is on concrete does pan flashing make sense here?

The two main questions are:
1.How does one install siding in general and more specifically siding that is 20' long by oneself.
2. What's the best way to flash the door before I install siding?

Any useful advice would be greatly appreciated.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Closing it up

The siding is starting to go up now, over the housewrap.. plus, you can see more of the waterproofing around the windows.

Our little transom (by which I mean the gaping hole left by lowering the door opening a couple feet) over the door is gone, the sheathing wraps around the corner and soon the waterproofing and siding will too.

hmm.. I really need to get the rest of that blue tape off the lites in the pretty door..

Next up is the flashing over the top of the windows to keep water from getting in between the siding and the trim.

And finally, the casing.

Although the only trim around the windows down here was 1x4s, we'll trim it out to match the built-up trim on the rest of the windows in the house.

For right now though, we're just happy to have windows!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Turns out, 3 days aren't enough...

We had such grand plans for our 3-day weekend! We went and picked up the toilet for the downstairs bathroom, checked in on the doors we've been trying to order for more than a month, and bought a bunch of siding to patch the area over the garage door, which was Dan's task for the weekend. I had my stack of bricks to clean, which hopefully would be put down in the driveway. I don't want to give away the ending, but the toilet is still in the box, the doors still haven't been ordered, the siding is stacked in the garage, and there aren't anywhere near enough bricks for the driveway.

Dan started prying off the odd bits on the end where a whole run would go back in, and there were a few boards that were rotted. Well, as you might expect, that was just the beginning, and it now looks like this spring will involve replacing a whole lotta wood on the porch, starting with this post right here.

With another storm approaching it seemed like a bad idea to spend the last sunny day tearing everything apart, so Dan primed all the freshly exposed wood and patched the hole with a piece of plywood. (you can see the stack of pretty siding in the garage in this shot.. sigh..)
Then he primed the plywood too.

From the street it doesn't look half bad!

The house already looks way better than when we bought it, and by this summer should look pretty good from the outside.

And what was I doing all this time??

sitting around eating bon-bons??

If by that you mean scraping and scrubbing piles of bricks with no end in sight, then yes! bon-bons.

Looks like next weekend the brick cleaning continues..